Luna’s transit seemed complete,
approaching its ultimate destination
Totality_1in the eyes of all viewing, when the last
crescent of Sol,
a mere sliver, blinked out.

Darkness briefly filled the sky,
until a radiant burst evoked
a collective gasp, the sun’s corona
sending tendrils of light
into the day-night sky.

sun and moon as one

Pulses quickened. Prepared,
yet not, for such exquisite wonder,
imagined for so long,
now realized. An eternal moment,
yet all too brief.

Venus shone with a light
seldom seen at day, while
Mercury seemed a dim reflection
beyond the sun, almost
Totality_2as if a whisper of light.

A new crescent appeared,
opposite the last,
and the moon continued
on its way, daylight returning
in an instant, while minds pondered
the nature of their existence.

Images: Total solar eclipse, August 21, 2017, Jefferson City, Missouri

Total Eclipse of the Mind

Total Eclipse of the Mind

Total Eclipse of the Mind

The moon sails past the sun,
and the Jester pauses,
looks to the sky and squints.

The rest of the world stands
in silent awe, while he listens to
the noise in his head passing for thought.

A test pattern of black and white
is all that registers,
as the fuse grows shorter.

The five word prompts for The Secret Keeper’s Weekly Writing Prompt #103 are fusejester, sail, noise and black.
Image source: (AP Poto/Andrew Harnick)

Sunburst ~ haibun



They do not detract, the dark lines of lead between each glass panel, but fuse them into brilliance, with the sun streaming through in just such a way that keeps you rapt, marveling at the brilliance that could conceive such beauty that otherwise would be darkness, save for metal, glass, light and vision.

vivid sunlight streams
urging hope for the future
all eyes drawn skyward

Using lead and save, this haibun is my response to a challenge from Colleen Chesebro: Colleen’s Weekly #Poetry Challenge #32: LEAD & SAVE.
Photo: City Hall Council Chambers Ceiling, Buffalo, New York

shine on


shine on

repulsive shadows scream
in a thousand tongues
raw winds blow
a bitter mist of death
yes, that is a black sun
and no moon will save you
you may be asleep
but this is no dream

This is my response to MPSC 2.8 – All Hallows’ Eve Poetry Slam.  Each Saturday sees a new prompt for Magnetic Poetry Saturday Challenge from Elusive Trope at Specks and Fragments, and the challenge details can be found here.  If you want to try magnetic poetry, you can do it online, here.

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