What Is Before Us ~ with audio


What Is Before Us
                for Stephen

Plain sight cannot deny
a truth without camouflage,
your subtle brushstrokes
never relying on memory hidden
within the ebb and flow of life,
always open to the new
as it unfolds, willing
an insight of what may be
repeated, though never taken
for granted. In chords
that stroke the soul,
I have seen your true self.

This poem is inspired by The Quiet Places, by Stephen Tanham.
Please read the original. It’s a short read, and the source of the photo.

In the Moment

In the Moment

inner Self
          in balance

          with calm
inner vision
          directed outward

In the Momentconsider a sphere
watch it fade

accept the warmth
draw it inward
          with calm

close your eyes
          feel the warmth
always home

compass needle
          to the real Self
core empowered

central to experience
          full with oneness
gift of the now
          in the moment


This poem is inspired by Steve Tanham’s Radiance of the Invisible Pearl.

Image pearl – 95C at pixabay
needle – Open Clipart-Vectors at pixabay

Know Your Real Truth

Know Your Real Truth

Wisdom in hindsight?
Who determines the blessing of that mantle?
Wisdom exploited is simply a commodity,
with complexity a factor multiplied,
consequence the product of a distorted truth.

Mature wisdom lies outside
echo chambers of parroting masses.
True unity lies in having the presence
of expression in an open exchange.
Only then is there true unity.

This poem is inspired by thoughts in Stephen Tanham’s Wisdom Breathes Out?,
also seen at The Silent Eye.

The Flickering Present

The Flickering Present

Seamless, our projections,
the beacons we cast with each glance,
a cinematic marvel evident
to those gifted with such perception.

The knowledge of what has been,
the potential for what may be,
the defining moment known
only to ourselves, yet offered freely.

Taken in part, they imply
a puzzle, absent key pieces,
but when recognized as a whole
provide the answer to those of keen eye.

This poem is inspired by Stephen Tanham’s words in
The Flickering Present… at SUN IN GEMINI.

“ Imagine that each of us is a lighthouse, and our beams of light
rotate, not to be seen by ships at sea, but to light up a landscape
that is our world. Our brains assemble the flickering images
and create something apparently seamless – our lives – from
what is seen. Things that are dangerous or very beautiful require
us to spend time studying the landscape so that we can spot their patterns in the future.”

His post also appears at The Silent Eye

Photo by Robert Wiedmann on Unsplash

Also shared with Open Link Night at dVerse Poets Pub.

Search for Knowledge

Search for knowledge

There is no seat to knowledge, yet
it surrounds us, always within reach,
always in motion. Divided, it multiplies,
its rate of change and acceleration
variables subject to perception and acquisition,
on a scale that is limitless, with a formula
that keeps us searching for more.

While it in no way reflects the thoughts in Steve Tanham’s latest essay,
The Rotating Blade of Meaning (4), this poem is inspired by Steve’s words.

Image source: pixabay.com / Master Tux

Depth Perception

Depth Perception

Numbers mean nothing to the volume of beauty
held in my mind. Just as the depth of color held in

a rainbow is infinite, the elements of my perception
are unlimited. Yet my impressions are not yours.

While a glass may hold light, it does not
contain it, and a rainbow will not be restrained.

While not strictly in line with the concepts of his article, this poem was inspired by
Steve Tanham’s The Rotating Blade of Meaning (1).

Image: © Steve Tanham