almighty dollar

almighty dollar

almighty dollar
promoting consumerism
ensuing mayhem

with illusory bliss

going nowhere fast
in pursuit of happiness
amazing rat race

This haiku triplet is in response to Haiku Review Challenge by The Secret Keeper. The short film offered for review is a trailer for Happiness by Steve Cutts, found on Vimeo.  It’s 4m 16s in length, but you will want to pause frequently to see all of the details in this parody of consumerism.

Hail to the Chief

Hail to the Chief

Hail to the Chief

Our Commander
in Chief, a man beyond
belief, attempting to ease pain
with diversion, his version
of the world with him
at the center. Enter
that mind at your own
risk. His words will not
calm the rising storm of
protest, as you ride
(in)sanity’s rough seas,
documented in not-so-mute
testimony every morning,
warning you with deceit
in every tweet.

The five word prompts for The Secret Keeper’s Weekly Writing Prompt #129 are calm, rough, storm, ease and mute.
I need to find a new topic!

Secret Keeper Prompt

The Night I Dance with Death ~ haibun

The Night I Dance with Death

Writing a haiku is not adequate in reviewing La Nuit Je Danse avec la Mort, a short animation. Both dark and erotic, it portrays a young man, caught in the grips of boredom, who accepts a pharmaceutical which at first brings pleasure, then horror, and finally erotic gratification that ultimately leads to what could be his untimely end. Rated “Mature” and worthy of an “R” rating for violence and sexual content, this short film is not meant for everyone. Call this a haibun, if you must.

self medication
escaping reality
the ultimate price


The Secret Keeper’s Haiku Review Challenge. The short film offered for review is La Nuit Je Danse avec la Mort by Gibaud Vincent (rating:Mature), found on Vimeo.

mindless concession

mindless concession
anguish over oppression
venal deception

ersatz elation
corporate sublimation
massive delusion

free will cessation
cultural subjugation

final solution
ascension through destruction


 This senryū series is in response to The Secret Keeper’s Haiku Review Challenge. The short film offered for review is IN SHADOW: A Modern Odyssey by Lubomir Arsov (rating:Mature), a dystopian view of cultural indoctrination found on Vimeo.




I walked in your footsteps,
different as they were from mine.
Our collars were the same,
though yours were more worn, and sometimes
I felt like I was swimming, heel-to-toe.
Experience, and the value of a dollar.
Did we treat our children the same?
You knew hardship and cold nights
in your childhood, so you worked hard
to spare me from adversity. My childhood
may not have been free of trials,
but it was carefree, even when
worn soles were patched with cardboard.
Does that forgive spoiling my children
to save them from hardship? Layers and years
separate your experience from mine,
but when you peel them back
we are not all that different.

This is my response to The Secret Keeper’s Weekly Writing Prompt #125, with the words step, treat, cold, hole & peel.

Image source: (A Pair of Shoes, Vincent van Gogh)

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