Neither open road ~ American Sentence

Neither open road

Neither open road nor open door could lead this heart to leave your side.

This American Sentence (my first) is in response to Misky’s Twiglet #230, with the prompt of no rope. Read closely, and you will find “no rope.”

The American Sentence was created by Allen Ginsberg
~ loose American form of haiku, with 17 syllables
~ represented as a sentence
~ reference to a season is not required
~ similar to senryū
~ read more here & here

Image source: cullybarbosa at Pixabay

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Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

Risk AssessmentThis risk I take each day,
as the sun rises
and I face the world
not knowing if I will
see the end of day,
or what awaits me
once the sun sets,
is of no consequence.

What do I know of risk
in the convenience
of my world of privilege
when considered
beside that taken daily
by those who are denied,
those who are judged
before they act?

This poem is my response to Poetics: Take a risk!,
the prompt from Tricia Sankey at dVerse Poet’s Pub.

Image source: Pete Linforth at Pixabay