Do not draw the gate on this life,
standing firm still in the winds
of change, lives passing by, unknowing.

Pride and determination build
inner strength, the scars of time
the sign of their healing.

The image above is by Sue Vincent, from Tenacity #midnighthaiku at Daily Echo.
Both the haiga and her prose inspired this poem.


A Poem Has Its Way

A Poem Has Its Way

Free from any association
with its writer’s state of mind,
this poem lives through the will
of a poem that held its own
writer captive for hours.

I lay no blame on Ben,
himself a victim of verses
determined to be heard,
or rather discovered by
this unsuspecting reader.

And with that discovery
was planted a germ, so that you,
dear reader, would know
its fruits, a missive announcing
little more than its arrival.

Inspired by Poems Lead Poets by Ben Naga.

framing the years

framing the years

time, the line
we cannot box, never
finding a final corner

passing on to form
the next box
and the next

a snake
with the mind of Escher
defining the vortex

the core of existence
drawn through time
expressed between that line

A response to Kerfe’s January 2018, at method two madness

A Question of Presence

A Question of Presence

A Question of Presence

I might say to spare me
an absence of presence, should

the time come, but remember,
a sparrow may return to a nest

abandoned, that light still touches
those reaches outwardly empty.

A jay might seem raucous,
even crazed, but devoted,

still, to those it holds dear.
Dotage to its extremes.

In catching up with my reading after last week’s absence, I found derelict, Kerfe Roig’s (method two madness) response to Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo Prompt. Her poem took me in this direction.
Image source: Blue Jay, © Maria Corcacas/PFW via The Cornell Lab of Ornithology


Sue’s Original Photo Prompt