American dream ~ senryū

American Dream_1

American dream
bipartisan politics
our oxymoron

American Dream_2

silence is golden
speaking up – not the RIGHT way
the joke is on her

shame of a nation
leadership without respect
the joke is on US

Senryū are often cynical or darkly humorous, and do not generally include
a kigo, or season word. With that in mind, this senryū trio is my response to
Carpe Diem #1516 Robin D. Gill, a haiku poet pur sang (Out of the Box)

American dream_3.png

Images (top) (middle)
Wikimedia Commons
– Paul Stahr’s Columbia (edited here)

Riesling and Raisinets

A mood imposed on us in these times, sadly.
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The Mystic Fool

The sound of bombs is thunder;

and as a storm front passes

I am medicating my nerves

with chocolate-covered raisins

and wine,

to distract myself from the thrumming rain

on the rooftop,

and the steady pinging of tweets

susurrating Syria.

The cats, of course, are ignorant,

and blissful, in that state,

spotlight eyes blinking slowly,

so that I imagine, for now,

in my grape and cacao cloud,

that they represent the public mind,

concerned only for their dinner

and a dark spot to nap,

somnambulant, belly-full of false advertising,

unaware of any dogs at all

outside their immediate purr-view,

much less ones that are wagged

by their own tails.

(c) RCGA, 2018


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fall where they may


fall where they may

in a season when
leaves fall
ash, maple, oak mingle
shuffled by passing footsteps

ears tune to whispers
held within light breezes
strong winds
to decipher meanings

one leaf is elevated
no guarantee whether
its distinction is one of
merit or