At Home ~ gogyohka ~ senryū

At Home

What is a trip to a place left behind,
one that always lives in my heart?
Have I returned home when I visit there,
or when I leave?

This is my response to Twiglet #308: returned home.
As an exercise, I have also written this as a gogyohka and a senryū.
(Also shared with Colleen’s #TankaTuesday
Weekly #Poetry Challenge No. 303, Senryū.)

always present

a trip to a place left behind
always in my heart
at home in two places
past and present as one
never gone


have I returned home
when I visit the past
or when the trip ends?

Senryū are similar to haiku, but they tend to be about human nature, rather than nature.

Gogyohka (pronounced go-gee-yoh-kuh)
 ~ a form of Japanese poetry pioneered by Enta Kusakabe in the 1950s
 ~ 5-line poetry ~ like tanka, but with freedom from restraints
 ~ no fixed syllable requirement
 ~ no conventions regarding content
 ~ brief lines in keeping with the tradition of Japanese short verse

Of Tides and Currents

Kayak Moment


distant, yes afar

far from ocean currents

currents running through my mind

minding my random thoughts

thoughtful, and otherwise

wisdom some days present

presently far inland

inland’s only tides

tides of the seasons’ whims


Almost an echo verse, the last line was the first to be written, the rest following from there.
Today is Day Three of NaPoWriMo 2016.
The photo was taken on the Osage River, in Missouri.