Fall Color, Finally

Fall Color, Finally
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In late October or early November, I make a point of going to Ha Ha Tonka State Park, sixty miles south of my home in mid-Missouri. I’m seldom disappointed by the fall colors the landscape has to offer. I made the trip on Monday, with temperatures in the sixties and partially cloudy (wispy) skies.

Fall Color, Finally_1

The patches of red that are visible are dogwood.

Fall Color, Finally_2Fall Color, Finally_3

There may be few maples in our area, but they draw my camera like a magnet.

Fall Color, Finally_4

This view is one that I never fail to photograph. It’s the outflow from a natural spring found at the base of one of the bluffs. The water (56,000,000 gallons, daily) can have an amazing blue hue on a cloudless day.

Fall Color, Finally_5

I spent several hours walking 4.5 miles of trails within the park, with an elevation change of a couple hundred feet, from the Castle down to the water, and then up again along the bluffs.

Fall Color, Finally_6Fall Color, Finally_7

This tree, now bare, sits on the ledge visible in the photo above it.

Fall Color, Finally_8

The area has numerous karst formations, including this natural bridge.

Fall Color, Finally_9

Designed to be a home, later a hotel, The Castle at Ha Ha Tonka is bare stone walls, the result of a devastating fire in 1942.

Fall Color, Finally_10Fall Color, Finally_11

A great photo of The Castle in its prime can be seen here.
Meanwhile, within five miles of my home, this bluff always offers a spectacular autumn view.

Fall Color, Finally_12

And in my back yard, this hickory.

Fall Color, Finally_13

Sadly, the colors don’t stay forever. This is the same tree, three days later, after rain and a couple of cool nights. I’m sure the other trees are soon to follow. Oh well, there’s always next year.

Fall Color, Finally_14

Ha Ha Tonka fall photos from the last two years can be found here and here.

Ken G

Traveling to Cleveland

Traveling to Cleveland

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Four major attractions are found within a quarter mile radius on the Cleveland waterfront: the Great Lakes Science Center, the William G. Mather, First Energy Stadium and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The William G. Mather is a great Lakes freighter that has been converted into a museum, and First Energy Stadium is the home of the Cleveland Browns of the NFL. I stayed for an hour to take photos, then went on to visit my son before driving home the next day.

Traveling to Cleveland_1

Traveling to Cleveland_2

Traveling to Cleveland_3

Traveling to Cleveland_4

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is an amazing building from any angle.

Traveling to Cleveland_5

Traveling to Cleveland_6

Traveling to Cleveland_7

Traveling to Cleveland_8

Traveling to Cleveland_9

Traveling to Cleveland_10

Ken G.

Traveling Out of Buffalo

Traveling Out of Buffalo

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Driving south from Buffalo, along the lakeside, means crossing the Buffalo River. Grain silos dot the landscape, remnants of a time when the city was a major grain hub at the eastern end of the Great Lakes prior to the completion of the St. Lawrence Seaway, which provides access to Lake Ontario. Many of the silos have been re-purposed, but General Mills still continues to operate a grain mill and cereal production facility. Less than a half-mile away, the smell of roasting Cheerios sometimes wafts through downtown Buffalo.

Traveling Out of Buffalo_1

Wilkeson Pointe is located along the Lake Erie shoreline at the outer harbor. With the breeze coming off the lake, the wind sculptures offer a pleasing sight as they turn nearly non-stop.

Traveling Out of Buffalo_2

Traveling Out of Buffalo_3

Vineyards are prevalent along the hillsides on the eastern shore of Lake Erie, from Erie, Pennsylvania. north into New York State.

Traveling Out of Buffalo_4

Cleveland is a 90 minutes drive along the lake, southwest of Erie.
I stopped by the waterfront to take some photos before stopping for the night, bu those photos likely won’t appear here until after I arrive home in Missouri, tomorrow evening.

Ken G.

Traveling Around Buffalo

Traveling Around Buffalo

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Yesterday, I spent a couple of hours at Penn Dixie Fossil Park, located south of Buffalo, NY.   Formerly a quarry for the Penn Dixie Cement Company, the shale at the site is a treasure trove of fossils from 280 million years ago, during the Devonian period. It’s known for the trilobites that are found there. I was able to find a couple of partial trilobites, but most of the fossils I found are horn corals.

Traveling Around Buffalo_1

This morning, I went to the Buffalo Transportation / Pierce Arrow Museum, which has a variety of early motorcycles and automobiles, including, of course, Pierce Arrows, luxury cars that were built in Buffalo.

Traveling Around Buffalo_2

Traveling Around Buffalo_3

1919 Pierce Arrow Town Car

Traveling Around Buffalo_4

1931 Pierce Arrow Model 43 Roadster

Traveling Around Buffalo_5

1936 Pierce Arrow Model 1601
(1931 Pierce Arrow Series 43 Club Sedan, background)

The gem of the collection is a 1933 Pierce Arrow Silver Arrow, of which only five were made.

Traveling Around Buffalo_6

Traveling Around Buffalo_7

Traveling Around Buffalo_8

There’s an amazing structure that was built within the museum using the original design for Frank Lloyd Wright’s Filling Station, which was planned to be built in downtown Buffalo in 1927, but was never realized.

Traveling Around Buffalo_11.jpg

Traveling Around Buffalo_10

Traveling Around Buffalo_9

The Pierce family motto, “dixit et fecit,” roughly translated as “he said and he did”

On the road to Cleveland tomorrow, then home.

Ken G.

Traveling at Night

Traveling at Night

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Traveling at Night_1

Traveling at Night_2

The Peace Bridge between Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada & Buffalo, NY, USA (l.to r.)

Traveling at Night_3

For all the times I’ve photographed this bridge at night, I think these are the first with fog.

Traveling at Night_4

Below the Peace Bridge

Traveling at Night_5

Great Blue Heron below the Peace bridge

Traveling at Night_6

Canada Goose in the Black Rock Canal, Buffalo, NY

Ken G.

Traveling – to My River

Traveling – to My River

Before moving to Missouri, I spent a lot of time on the Niagara River – diving, boating, kayaking, and just sitting on the shore – particularly along this one stretch of the river, which happens to be a good place to find driftwood. One of those, in the third photo, is going back to Missouri with me.

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Traveling - to My River_1

The “cloud” at center horizon is the mist from Niagara Falls, nine miles distant.

Traveling - to My River_2

Traveling - to My River_3

Ken G.

Traveling Farther

Traveling Farther

Traveling Farther_1

The Fort Niagara Lighthouse, Youngstown, NY

Traveling Farther_2

The ramparts of Fort Niagara

Traveling Farther_3

Just passing by
(Canada Geese)

Traveling Farther_4

Beach glass from the Lake Ontario shore

Traveling Farther_5

The rapids above the American Falls at Niagara Falls, NY

Traveling Farther_6

American Falls (foreground) and Horseshoe Falls (background)

Traveling Farther_7

The Horseshoe Falls, seen from the observation tower at Niagara Falls, NY

Ken G.