Passing Glance – #writephoto

Passing Glance

Passing Glance

What is the attraction of meadow flowers
to a passing hawk,
except to see them sway
and hear them rustle when there is no breeze
to make them dance?

Only then will the hawk pay those flowers
any heed, turning back
to touch them lightly as it collects the prey
that has had the misfortune of savoring
such beauty at a most inopportune moment.

This is my response to New photo prompt “Wings” and last week’s “Beginnings” round-up – #writephoto, from Sue Vincent at Daily Echo, with her photo.


What Remains – #writephoto

What Remains

What Remains_1See me now as I am and know
that mine is not a sad story.

My life could be held
in a feather, seemingly

insignificant, but with countless
strands holding both troubled times

and the promise delivered
What Remains_2by blue skies. Dipped in ink

to spill its tales, or carried on the wind
to those who have known me,

it speaks of a life lived.
See me now and know me.

This is my response to Thursday Photo Prompt: Remains #writephoto, from Sue Vincent at Daily Echo.  Sue has provided two photos for this week’s prompt.