moving forward

moving forward

moving forward

long before night
leaves, a light
pushes back the darkness

one second
to the next, mid-night,
new year

celebration, hope
for better, doing our best
to hold on to what we have

as the sun rises,
nothing changes

everything changes


Image: Lake Ontario Sunrise, June 21, 2011

New year, new star

I’m sure that many who follow me in their reader also follow Jane, but I want to share this, regardless. Her writing can take many different directions (all of them good). In this, I find myself thinking of my life as one minuscule part of all that surrounds me, yet as an integral part of that greater whole, and that is a good thing.

Jane Dougherty Writes

This tanka is for Frank Tassone’s New Year challenge.


Stars, sky-spangles shift,

slow and stately, wheels turning,

through time and cold space.

Each new year, another light

in the endless firmament.

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