Continuous Return

Continuous Return

The years overlap
as they remind us
that all of this
is only a moment,
our perspective changing

with each sunset
/sunrise, each leaf opening
/falling, each point of light
in the infinite star-filled sky
reminding us of the possibilities

behind and before us,
yet contained in the moment,
as one year passes
and another begins.


Kerfe Roig often has a way of sending my mind in unexpected directions,
as she has done with her pantoum, January 2022: into the darkness.

old year ends – senryū

old year ends
hope for better times
first day dawns

With Carpe Diem #1842: End of Year,
Kristjaan (Chèvrefeuille) reminds us that
in classical Japan (following the Lunar calendar)
there was a fifth season ”New Year.”
Using “first day” as a kigo, this senryū is my response.

Also shared with Heeding Haiku With Chèvrefeuille
and with
Frank Tassone’s #Haikai Challenge #171 : New Year’s Day

Image source: Museum of Fine Arts Boston – First Dream of the New Year, by Kôzan

Winter’s Dark Blanket Awaits ~ collaboration poem

Winter’s Dark Blanket Awaits

On a fir tree dressed in snow
with a green-white brocade,
pine cones cast shadows in moonlight.
As the old year is put to sleep,
dreaming forevermore in silent night beauty,
its light germinates a New Year.

To create this poem, I’ve woven together my haiku response to Frank Tassone’s Christmas challenge with the tanka response by Lisa at Tao Talk to Frank’s New Year challenge.

Image source: / Aaron Burden
(edited here)