unexpected gift ~ tanka

Carpe Diem #1775 Morning Glory! is part of a new feature,
“Carpe Diem’s Transformation,” which has the goal of using the scenes and images
of a given haiku to create a transformed haiku into a tanka.

Another feature of Carpe Diem is to create a Tan Renga, a short exercise that adds two lines to a given haiku to create a tanka. Making a distinction, I have interpreted this new prompt
to be a challenge to first transform a given haiku by re-creating it
before adding two lines to make it a tanka.

The haiku provided (in blue) is by Chiyo-Ni, and my tanka follows.

morning glory!
the well bucket-entangled,
I ask for water

unexpected gift
morning glory filled with water
refreshing my thirst
accepted as good omen
a fresh start to my travels

Image source: morguefile.com / rollingroscoe

morning glory drinks

morning glory drinks.jpgmorning glory drinks
slaking thirst by any means
my newfound desire

At Carpe Diem Weekend-Meditation #20 Revise That Haiku, Kristjaan asks us to revise a classic haiku by Chiyo-Ni:

morning glory!
the well bucket-entangled
I ask for water

Image source: wikimedia.org

The Wiki description explains the original haiku: Chiyo-ni standing beside a well. This woodcut by Utagawa Kuniyoshi illustrates her most famous haiku: finding a bucket entangled in the vines of a morning glory, she will go ask for water rather than disturb the flower.

Morning Glory – tan renga

Morning Glory
morning glory!
the well bucket-entangled,
I ask for water
© Chiyo-Ni (1703-1775)

gently dropping from petals
sweetest morning dew answers

This is my response to Carpe Diem Tan Renga Challenge Month May 5th, write two lines to follow a given haiku (essentially creating a tanka).
Tanka ~ syllable progression 5-7-5-7-7
Renga ~ Collaborative poetry in which one poet writes the first stanza, which is 3 lines long, with 17 syllables.  The next poet adds the second stanza, a couplet with seven syllables per line.  There may be several stanzas, with writers alternating until the poem is complete.

Image of morning glory as provided by Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem Tan Renga