Towering Fear – The Tower… #writephoto

Towering Fear

Where to turn in this dying light,
As the sun sets with night’s approach?
All is in ruin, bridges burned,
With no clear way to set things right,
No escape as shadows encroach.
Mistakes too many to atone,
No direction, nowhere to turn,
I spend my last moments alone.

This poem is a san san, and it meets two prompts, Sue Vincent’s Thursday photo prompt – The Tower… #writephoto at Daily Echo (using her photo), and The Daily Post/Daily Prompt, which is shadow.
                    san san ~ 8 lines, rhyme pattern a,b,c,a,b,d,c,d
                    ~ with 3 terms or images repeated 3 times each
                    (here that would be sunset, mistakes and direction)