Time and Love as One

Time and Love as One

Time and Love as OneTwo become one,
and the world is witness to
the marriage of Time and Love.

It is the nature of Love,
that it will always court Time.

It is the nature of Time,
that it will always test Love.

You will know Time,
as you have known Love.

Vow to ensure that Time
will honor Love into the future.
Let both bind your hearts as one.

This poem is my response to Day 25 at napowrimo.net, where the challenge is to write
a poem that is written for an occasion – a wedding, a birth, etc..


~ Day 25 ~

Image source: clipart-library.com

Two Hearts in Love


Two Hearts in Love

Would rain have made any difference?

What is grass without water?
A maple.
An oak.
Each would welcome it.

Allowed to flow, growth will
follow. A benediction.

Vows spoken in the open air would gather
on each raindrop, bringing life,
as each leaf, each blade, would
gather those raindrops.

Instead, those words were carried
by sunlight that shone on those
who welcomed them into their hearts, all
sharing in the love, this day.

Yet it was not sunlight, nor was it rain
that made this day possible.

It was two hearts in love.