Midnight in the Sea of Darkness

Midnight in the Sea of Darkness

Midnight in the Sea of Darkness

silently from the shallow depths
of the offshore shoals

stolen from the holds
of a thousand sunken ships

to the broad base
of the tapered, towering torch

the magnificence of a midnight sun
in the fog of a final farewell

the hulk of a stranded ship
within the silence of the sea

yet another immortal member
of a fleet frozen in darkness

Standing Alone, Dwight’s poem at Roth Poetry, brought to mind this poem, written in 1998.
The background image is a print from an engraving by John Horsburg of J. M. W. Turner’s artwork of Bell Rock Lighthouse during a storm from the northeast, available at The Library of Congress and found at Wikimedia Commons.

Deux Presque Isles

The Big Day

Presque Isle Lighthouse, Erie, Pennsylvania

At our wedding on the shore of Lake Erie, at the Presque Isle Lighthouse in Erie, Pennsylvania, we learned that Michigan also has a Presque Isle, with two lighthouses of its own. We traveled there last week and stayed at a B&B while we explored the area and a few of Michigan’s 124 lighthouses. (In Pennsylvania, Presque Isle rhymes with “desk” and “aisle.” In Michigan it’s a French pronunciation, rhyming with “eel.”)

Our route took us through Wisconsin, where we visited a close friend, past Green Bay and across Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, where we crossed the Straits of Mackinac on the Mackinac Bridge and on to Presque Isle, on Lake Huron. From there we went to Holland, Michigan, (with another visit with a friend in Lansing) before heading home to Missouri.

“Presque Isle” is French for “peninsula” (literally, “almost an island”). Presque Isle at Erie is a peninsula connected to the mainland by a narrow causeway, while Presque Isle, MI, is located on a narrow strip of land separating Lake Huron from the much smaller Grand Lake. In Michigan, the town (and county) use the French pronunciation for Presque Isle. There is another Presque Isle, with a lighthouse, in Michigan on Lake Superior and a Presque Isle, Wisconsin (on land separating two interior lakes), as well as Presque Isle in northern Maine, on a peninsula formed at the confluence of two streams. Michigan was such a wonderful experience that I’m sure we’ll be back, with more time to take in Lake Superior.

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We also toured the New Holland Brewery, in Holland, Michigan.

Beyond Sight

Beyond Sight

Beyond Sight

Standing watch,
darkest night
moisture laden.

Water stillness
bellow faint.

Engine thrum,
passing wake,
sounds lost to silence.

Flash seen
too late,
rising rocks.

Fog will swallow the brightest light.

The optional prompt for Day 4 of National Poetry Writing Month/Global Poetry Writing Month at NaPoWriMo 2017 is to emulate Edward Elgar’s Enigma Variations by writing a poem that hints at something without actually naming it.
Image: my photo of Buffalo Lighthouse, edited

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