On October 14th, Pure Haiku selected one of five haiku I submitted for the theme “Leaf.” All five poems are shown below. The third haiku is the one that appeared at Pure Haiku.



clouds moving swiftly
sunlight dances with the breeze
leaf in dappled light

wind blows through the tree
underside of leaf glistens
work of playful sun

red leaf slowly drifts
companion mirrored below
wave takes both away

gray clouds hide the sun
tree stands naked and alone
dry leaf last to fall

book not yet finished
I turn over a new leaf
life will continue


The theme for Freya’s current series at Pure Haiku is LEAF, and my haiku was chosen for today.


red leaf slowly drifts
companion mirrored below
wave takes both away
Ken Gierke 2016
Since he never knows where his next poem will come from, each new poem he writes is a surprise to him. Read more of Ken’s work at Rivrvlogr.
I loved the imagery of the mirrored leaf and the continual motion throughout the haiku.
This haiku is part of my LEAF series.

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as seasons change

as seasons change

Fawn Lily

season’s change stirs thoughts
mind wanders with falling leaf
new buds come with time

The two word prompts for RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Prompt Challenge #110 are change and mind. Typically, as I wrote this I got lost halfway through. As I was ready to post (photo selected, the whole nine yards), I realized my haiku was missing one of the key words, so I started over. Now I wonder if the final haiku is actually about my writing process.  The original (one word short) is below.

 dry leaf falls to ground
new bud nourished by past life
change measured by time