Search for Knowledge

Search for knowledge

There is no seat to knowledge, yet
it surrounds us, always within reach,
always in motion. Divided, it multiplies,
its rate of change and acceleration
variables subject to perception and acquisition,
on a scale that is limitless, with a formula
that keeps us searching for more.

While it in no way reflects the thoughts in Steve Tanham’s latest essay,
The Rotating Blade of Meaning (4), this poem is inspired by Steve’s words.

Image source: / Master Tux

Talk to Me

Talk to Me

I envy those conversations to
which I am not privy

Between others and
other others I don’t even know

Not necessarily to be inside
their heads

Not even to be privy to
their secrets

I want to know what
I don’t know

Open to the world moving
about me, through me

I want to be