American Tradition?

American Tradition?

Relocation of native populations.


Relocation in times of war.


Relocation of detainees.

Presidential orders bordering on inhumanity.

Concentration camps.

There is nothing time honored about any of this.

Internment of undesirables, from Native Americans to Japanese Americans, was wrong, but that doesn’t mean the tradition doesn’t continue in the United States, as seen in the continued incarceration of detainees, particularly children at the US southern border, under conditions that are unacceptable and, more importantly, inhumane.

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nurture elapsed

nurture elapsed

nurture elapsed.pngtheir value invalid
they cry for affection

mere commodities
never truly valued

these innocent souls
torn from loving arms

deprived of true contact
denial of any form of bond

statistics, grist
for the mill of hatred

its stone turned
by a cycle of lies

My response to Quadrille #59 – Cycle, from Kim at dVerse.
A quadrille is a poem of 44 words(any form) using a prompt word, in this case “cycle.”

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Pride in our ancestors
Facing adversity as

In the sense of seeking
Survival and escape from
Oppressive conditions

Succeeding in
Establishing a foundation of
Contributing to society
Receiving and extending rights to all

When did diversity become a liability
and fellowship a crime?

Ken Gierke

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