No Deviation

No Deviation 

brown fields, barren
among bare trees
flat terrain
blue scattered in clouds

from fog-dense valleys
misty rain and Ohio
behind me

present company
the wind’s buffet
an occasional nudge
a sideways reminder

to hold my lane
no deviation
my course straight
for home



Depth, Clarity

A trip home…
but where is home?

Where I played as a child,
building forts from boxes,
wooden cars with buggy wheels?

A room with albums strewn on the floor
and long talks about music?

The house with a boat in the driveway and
a chip in the bathtub
from a three-year-old, a hammer and
the desire to help with home repair?

Maybe it’s a time spanning
nearly six decades,
before my life took an entirely new direction.

Those are trips back,
back to times and places,
back to people I treasure
and once treasured.

My home is here.


The five word prompts for The Secret Keeper’s Weekly Writing Prompt #37 are child, talk home, time and play.