Well Being ~ quadrille


Well Being

All it took was one look
into your eyes, and my heartbeat
spiked, like nothing
meant a thing before that
moment. I just fell into
those dark wells leading
to your soul, my whole being
fleeing before me
to be a part of you.

This is my response to Quadrille #75: Spike Up a Poem, the prompt from De Jackson at dVerse, which is to use any form of the word spike in a quadrille, a 44-word poem that does not require meter or rhyme.

Stone to Flesh

Stone to Flesh

Gather the darkness in these chambers,
flowing from one to the next.
Banish it. Winter has lived here too long.

Be my salvation. Know these walls were
not always stone. They have moved
with each beat, known the fire of love.

Ear to my chest, you will hear
the surge you bring, stampeding horses
rushing to meet you, greet you.

As moon goes from crescent to full,
so will these chambers, your touch
bringing them from stone to loving flesh.

The Sunday Writing Prompt at Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie, from Pat (wildchild47), is to find inspiration in “The Blind Leading the Blind,” by Lisel Meuller.

Image source: freevectors.net (edited here)




Something about lakeshoreBetween murmur
and roar, like the sound
of my pulse at night,
ear pressed to pillow.

A word may not
be heard if not spoken,
a silence broken
without sound.

Yet, even without
your touch, your presence
serves to set my heart
to racing.

My response to dVerse Quadrille #50, with the prompt word, murmur.
The one rule for a quadrille: exactly 44 words, excluding title.