frog swimming in pot ~ haibun

frog swimming in pot

Sometimes it takes an awakening to alter perspective. The complexity of a relationship can blind one to circumstances as they change over time, causing pain for both involved. Be aware of the moment. The freedom of choice is yours. Don’t be the one who waits until it is too late.

frog swimming in pot
finds comfort in warm water

This is my response to Björn’s prompt at dVerse: Haibun Monday – Complexity of Freedom.

Isolation – Isolated… #writephoto


Take no solace in
these last few rays of light
They will not stave off
the coming darkness
Storm clouds are brewing,
and with them come a madness to
make you forget golden sunsets and
all hope for a glorious sunrise
If we are denied the freedom to
deny the freedom of others

So the fear mongers
would have us believe
But I will not sit at their table
Nor will I drink their wine
Isolation is not a recourse for
the sane
Whether through walls
closing borders
Or labels closing access to
services and privilege

Yes, storm clouds are brewing
But they must not be allowed to
keep us in the Dark Ages
Freedom is universal
As such, it must be granted
regardless of circumstances of
birth or identity
After all,
All share the same sunset
All share the same sunrise

I can’t seem to help myself.  Once again, I have edited a photo from Sue Vincent at Daily Echo, this time for her Thursday photo prompt – Isolated… #writephoto, to get the effect I want for my poem.