Quench This Thirst

Quench This Thirst

Give me a forest trail
beneath radiant amber leaves
that dance playfully in sunlight,
past stony outcrops that speak
of history embraced in layers of time
that seeps to form rivulets of life
that feed streams great and small.

Take me to the banks of those rivers
where the forest’s roots reach to the water.
Just as their thirst is quenched,
let mine be so, that I may know
the beauty of leaves, of water, and of sky.

This poem is my response to Three little words, the prompt from Sarah at dVerse ~ Poets Pub, which is to use one of the provided sets of three words in a poem. The sets of words are from “What 3 Words,” a project that divides the entire world into 3-meter squares, giving each square a 3-word designation. From the provided list, I have chosen quench.forest.rivers to use in my poem.

dancing in the wood


dancing in the wood
pipes play in the misty air
a robin takes wing

rust weaves between the branches
dry leaves rustle underfoot

This tanka is inspired by an artist introduced to me during Carpe Diem’s December 2016 Let the Music Inspire You.  The artist is Adrian von Ziegler, and the piece is A Celtic Tale.
Image source: desktopnexus.com