Father’s Day

Father’s Day

Years of absence taking
their toll. Distance traveled
without regret to fulfill
a heart’s wishes becoming regret
at separation from those left behind.

Always missing them,
of course. No real concern,
other times. Phone and video.
Travel. All more than enough.
Most times. Must be the years.

This day is different.

never really gone

never really gone

The Dark of Decemberthere is absence

and there is not

your face mirrored in a grandchild

the memories of you gathered by my sons,
images they hold for truth, twenty-five years later,
their eyes seeing things I took for granted

my thoughts when I hold your tools,
when I use them

never really gone,
you are here

Father’s Day 2018



He is a young man
As he regards his newborn son
       lying just beyond the glass,
He is struck by the realization
       of the responsibility he now faces
As a father

No longer a newborn,
He is now a young man
Through his experience as a parent
       he is gaining a new understanding
Of his father

No longer a young man,
       he lies recovering
       from yet more surgery
The young man is struck by the realization
       of the responsibility he now faces
As a son

On the eve of Father’s Day,
He comes to realize that it takes
       more than a holiday to make a father
Just as that father may be loved
       on more than just that day

I wrote this for my father in 1993.  The video has the story behind the poem, as well as a reading.