ER@3AMHeadlights, blinding at eye level
on an ambulance discharging
it’s charge in the ER drop-off,
greet us as we arrive, midnight
an hour behind us in the night.

My own charge is discharged,
and I park fifty feet away before
walking inside. One visitor allowed,
but exceptions exist, and I am one.
This late, no one seems to mind.

Waiting room to myself, except for
Marv Albert calling a replay of
a playoff game, 76ers making moves
no one in ER can expect to make
any time soon, as I wait patiently.

Patients trickle in, and I try to ignore
a game that’s already been won
as the Wizards take the lead.
The trick here is to tune out
the game and others now waiting.

My charge is discharged @ 3AM,
with no basketball in the future,
as the Sixers win a game they won
hours ago. We head out into the night,
with no wish for a replay of the night.