The Third of November

The Third of November

In a vigil to rival All Hallows’ Eve,
skulls of saints will scream in agony
at the slime pigments cast upon
election results by the fool
known as The Clown in Chief
as he casts his scepter as a crown.

The pellucid quest that follows
will underscore the truth
buried by the dim accuracy
of his claims of victory,
granting the solitudes wish
of the multitudes upon his soul.

This poem is my response to Poetics: The charms of Samuel Greenberg, the prompt from Laura at dVerse ~ Poets Pub, which is to write a poem using five of these phrases
from Samuel Greenberg’s “The Pale Impromptu”:

Dim Accuracy ~ Candle salve ~ Consumed moon
Eyes jealousy ~ Fouls deviation ~ Grey life
Hearts brow ~ Lucid farrows ~ Nulling marrows
Painted mirth ~ Pale heat ~ Palmed rose
Pearls from tissue ~ Pellucid quest ~ Royal flesh
Skulls of saints ~ Slime pigments ~ Spiritual songs
Solitudes wish ~ Times chant ~ Yellow dreams

I have used dim accuracy, pellucid quest, skulls of saints,
slime pigments, and solitudes wish.

Image source: David Horsey / Seattle Times (edited here)

Total Cleansing ~ prosery

Total Cleansing

Remember when you felt good about yourself, a time when you had no doubts about your abilities, your value to others, or the value of those around you? That part of you is not lost. It lives within you, still, and the time has come for you to recognize that.

Take a moment to breathe. In. Out. Slowly. Now, think about who you are, who you can be. The negative energy that has been feeding into you has poisoned your mind, masking who were. Let it wash away from you so that you may remember who you have been, recognize who you really are, and you will love again the stranger who was yourself.

Remember all of this as you enter the polling place with a clear conscience, determined to remove that toxic presence from the Oval Office. Don’t let yourself be fooled again.

This bit of flash fiction is my response to Prosery #3: Love After Love, presented by Kim at dVerse. With Prosery, the challenge is to write a piece of flash fiction with a 144-word limit. Included in the bit of prose is to be a complete line from a poem. For Prosery #3, the line to be included is “You will love again the stranger who was yourself” from Derek Walcott’s “Love After Love.” My flash fiction also meets the additional challenge of hitting the 144-word mark, exactly.

Image source: Tulsa World (Bruce Plante)




Show me your needs.
Will they change with the weather?
If you don’t want turkey, why put it in the oven?
An election is an attendance record. Nothing more.
Hold it on Black Friday, the price of admission.
Give the pollsters something to talk about.
Be prepared to stand in line, pitch a tent.
Don’t worry about dinner.
There’s always leftovers.

Damn the Consequences

Damn the Consequences.jpg

Damn the Consequences

Loud, the debate in the recent study of
American politics

Sad, the outcome in a system that has become
little more than a game

Change for the sake of change, regardless of consequences,
the unwritten herald for a new day

Dissatisfaction and dissent the likely reaction to policies and changes,
regardless of true desires, regardless of outcome

The five word prompts for The Secret Keepers Weekly Writing Challenge #63 are game, study, sad, loud and become.

Secret Keeper Prompt



artsketchwithaview 6/6, by Harry Moody


Dismay, not surprise, at the outcome
Of a misguided show of strength
Deposing the status quo
An age of upheaval
When discontent acts
With little pause
For reason

This nonet is my response to The Secret Keeper’s Weekly Writing Prompt #62, with the prompt words pause, over, strength, age & change.
Nonet ~ a poem of nine lines and a syllable pattern of 9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1, with rhyme optional
Image source: Saatchi Art (artsketchwithaview 6/6, by Harry Moody)

Secret Keeper Prompt

thank you, Miles

thank you, Miles.jpg

early morning
faint light of dawn fails
spirits refuse lifting

rising sun no consolation
for a dark

headache infused dreams
tendrils of pain persist

coffee, black
ibuprofen, three
breaths, deep

acceptance, understanding of
nation’s will
fail to materialize

harsh light of sunrise no
reality underscored

turning to music
right away think
so what

piano opens perfect mix
bass, sax, drums
piano, trumpet close perfect set

Kind of Blue
but feeling better
thank you, Miles

Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue
Image source: Wikipedia

fall where they may


fall where they may

in a season when
leaves fall
ash, maple, oak mingle
shuffled by passing footsteps

ears tune to whispers
held within light breezes
strong winds
to decipher meanings

one leaf is elevated
no guarantee whether
its distinction is one of
merit or

None of the Above

None of the Above.jpg

Reams of ballots draped over her arm,
her other hand holding a glass of champagne
high above her head as she navigates the mass of
disgruntled electorate gathered at the polling place,
she proceeds to the podium, where she
raises her glass and offers a toast to the masses,
those who will suffer the most,
regardless of the outcome of the election

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