Should the moon
light my way
on the darkest night,
when my soul seems
farthest from the light of day,
my path will not be lost.
Guided by that glimmer
of hope, and thankful
for its companionship,
I will find my way
out of the darkness.

This is my second response to the prompt from Lillian at dVerse ~ Poets Pub,
Compound Me!, which asks us to use one or more of the compound words that are provided.
This is to be done by separating the root words by line break or punctuation
– and with no words placed between the root words. (Here, I have used moonlight.)

Image: Full Moon Eclipse (Blood Moon) 15 May 2022

hidden behind moon ~ haiku

hidden behind moon
sun’s light reaching to the stars
silent cicadas

With sun and moon as this poet’s choice of words, this haiku is my response to Colleen’s 2019 Weekly #Tanka Tuesday #Poetry Challenge #130.  Every week, Colleen offers two key words (or more accurately requests the use of synonyms for those words),
with the exception of the first week of the month, when it’s poet’s choice.

Image: Totality, August 21, 2017, Jefferson City, Missouri
During the eclipse, all birds and insects went eerily silent.
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Luna’s transit seemed complete,
approaching its ultimate destination
Totality_1in the eyes of all viewing, when the last
crescent of Sol,
a mere sliver, blinked out.

Darkness briefly filled the sky,
until a radiant burst evoked
a collective gasp, the sun’s corona
sending tendrils of light
into the day-night sky.

sun and moon as one

Pulses quickened. Prepared,
yet not, for such exquisite wonder,
imagined for so long,
now realized. An eternal moment,
yet all too brief.

Venus shone with a light
seldom seen at day, while
Mercury seemed a dim reflection
beyond the sun, almost
Totality_2as if a whisper of light.

A new crescent appeared,
opposite the last,
and the moon continued
on its way, daylight returning
in an instant, while minds pondered
the nature of their existence.

Images: Total solar eclipse, August 21, 2017, Jefferson City, Missouri

Total Eclipse of the Mind

Total Eclipse of the Mind

Total Eclipse of the Mind

The moon sails past the sun,
and the Jester pauses,
looks to the sky and squints.

The rest of the world stands
in silent awe, while he listens to
the noise in his head passing for thought.

A test pattern of black and white
is all that registers,
as the fuse grows shorter.

The five word prompts for The Secret Keeper’s Weekly Writing Prompt #103 are fusejester, sail, noise and black.
Image source: (AP Poto/Andrew Harnick)

Mercury Whispered

Mercury Whispered

Mercury Whispered

In the midnight moment of
a midday liaison,
Mercury whispered.

Venus replied,
but no one paid heed,
the moment eclipsed.

That kiss, that all
consuming embrace
as the day met the night.

The moment of awe broke
the moment of silence,
and cheers rolled across the land.

The brief affair over,
Mercury and Venus stood
alone, invisible.

Mercury Whispered_a

Image: Totality, August 21, 2017, Jefferson City, Missouri.  Mercury and Venus were visible – Venus out of frame, to the west, and Mercury, barely visible to the east (far left, bottom photo).

Dream, Eclipsed

Dream Eclipsed
Verses flow in a steady stream,
or so it seems, until I wake
with a start,
part of me wondering
where the words could have gone.

Long ago, I realized
this feeling was nothing new.
Few of the images survive
those waking moments
that follow an unsettled sleep.

Keeping just a small part
of those thoughts is no small task.
Grasping for details leads nowhere,
each fading
with each passing moment.

In my dream I was writing,
this time about the moon,
more wan than blood-red,
fed by Earth’s shadow,
still fresh in my mind,
after keeping a date
late in the night
with camera and sky.

Now, photos that please me
tease me with ever-fading words.
Turning that ever-fading vision
into verse seems less likely
than any dream coming to life.