walking through wet grass ~ fusion troiku

This response to Carpe Diem #1784 soaking wet (Crossroads)
is past the acceptance window, but here it is, anyway. The challenge is to use two  haiku
by Santōka Taneda (
in blue) to be used to create a “fusion” haiku,
which then is to be the base to create a troiku.

soaking wet
I can’t read the letters
on the signpost

walking through
the bush clover, the pampas grass,
walking on through them
               © Santōka Taneda

walking through wet grass
glistening beneath the sun
sign of morning rain

walking through wet grass
in early light’s rising mist
wishing for dry shoes

glistening beneath the sun
reflections like pearls of light
hanging from grass blades

sign of morning rain
erased by touch of mild breeze
sun melting the clouds

A troiku is three haiku, with each of the three lines from a suggested haiku as the first line of each haiku in the troiku. It’s not always possible to have a 5-7-5 format in the second haiku, due to the limitations of the suggested haiku. The name of the form is derived from “troika,” a sled or carriage drawn by three horses harnessed side-by-side, an iconic symbol of Imperial Russia.


Image sources:
wikimedia.org (troika)

delicate strands glistening ~ tan renga

delicate strands glistening.jpg

morning sun
the twinkle of stars
still in the dew
               © Jane Reichhold

 delicate strands glistening
jewels on a spider’s web

 Carpe Diem’s Tan Renga Challenge September 2018 Chained Together III (1) Morning Sun
(Add to the provided hokku by Jane Reichhold to create a tanka)

Photo taken at Moss Rock Trace, Runge Conservation Nature Center,
Jefferson City, Missouri


the open window – tan renga

the open window

the open window
screened with a web
leaf shadows
                         © Jane Reichhold

morning dew in pearls on web
screen glistens as shadows shift

This is my response to Carpe Diem Tan Renga Challenge #108, write two lines to follow a given hokku, essentially creating a tanka.  The alliteration is a happy coincidence.  Original haiku written by Jane Reichhold.

Image source: wallpaperup.com

Tan Renga_bolts