Defy Darkness

Defy Darkness

Measure the walls.
How many hands?
Enough to hold them
up even as they succumb
to the encroaching darkness?

Or do they close in on us?
Isn’t that the same?
how can we be anything
but alone? That’s not
rhetorical, or even a question.

Dark corners everywhere,
and nowhere to turn,
yet light everywhere,
if we consider ourselves.
We are not.

Our selves are just that.
Ours, to embrace.
To share, more or less.

Or less?

Less, if we consider
that we are one, not separate.
More, when taken as a whole.
More light in those dark corners.
More hands to hold up the walls
that hold out the darkness,
push them ever outward
eliminating the fringe
while embracing it
as part of the whole.

As a response to a poem by an offline friend, this is a WIP

Shared with OLN #307 – Eat Your Grapes at dVerse ~ Poets Pub

Reflecting on Darkness ~ Reboot

It has come to my attention that my “prosery” posted on August 4th was flawed, in that my copy/paste into the editor resulted in the first paragraph being eliminated, while the second paragraph was duplicated.  Here is Reflecting on Darkness, as I wrote it.
Ken G.

Reflecting on Darkness

Within surrounding darkness, yet awake in the light of a near-yet-distant star, I gaze at a blue marble far beyond my reach. My loneliness tells me that I am the only one who appreciates the beauty it holds. Who else can there be? Is there any face beyond my own that has gazed outward?

And what of that darkness? Should I let it consume me? The light I cast may be a faint reflection, but it is here, always, the only shadows falling beneath the measured steps of men long gone, or cast by the occasional passing of that globe of beauty amid the darkness.

Perhaps that orb gazes towards me, the same questions crossing its mind as it ponders the darkness that surrounds us. Can there be more to this world, or that, than meets the eye?

I dreamt I was the moon.

Prosery is a form devised at dVerse, and the challenge is to write a piece of flash fiction with a 144-word limit. Included in the bit of prose is to be a complete line from a poem. With Prosery #2, the line to be included was “I dreamt I was the moon” from Alice Oswald’s “Full Moon.”

Image source: ©NASA (Earthrise)

Out of Darkness ~ #writephoto

Image source: Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo

Out of Darkness

That we come out of the darkness does not
mean there will always be light. We leave

behind the trials that have plagued us
for better days, but challenges come

at the most unexpected of times.
If such be our path, know that

we have the strength to survive,
that darkness does not hold power over us.

The photo for Thursday Photo Prompt: Threshold #writephoto from Sue Vincent’s Daily echo is described as “the view from within a cave on the sea shore, looking out onto a beach.[with] the shadowy entrances of other caves across the bay…”


Rook-Delighting Heaven

Rook-Delighting Heaven

Rook-Delighting Heaven

A darkness exists between the stars,
with depth to bring a chill to any soul.

Yet, within that night lie souls
that would cast their darkness upon us.

That is when we realize they are not so distant.

Back to darkness, in my response to Jane Dougherty’s A Month with Yeats: Day Six (each day a new Yeats quote).

“Suddenly I saw the cold and rook-delighting heaven” W.B. Yeats

Image source: NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory