Solid Ground – #writephoto


Solid Ground

Would I change a thing?
Not if it meant losing you.

Sure, some trivial details,
but what is life, if not
the course to this place and time?

At times, the path has been like
walking on thin ice,
but I haven’t drowned, yet.

Climbing back out is
what brought me here,
brought me to you.

That is one thing
I would not change.

This is my response to Sue Vincent’s  (Daily Echo) Thursday Photo Prompt – Cracked Ice #writephoto, with her photo.


A Dig at the Knave


A Dig at the Knave

I go underground for the answer
Spend days on conservative sites
Arguments articulate
Their concerns and beliefs
But nothing explains
The reason they
Endorse that

This nonet is a response to the Daily Post/Daily Prompt on WordPress – underground.
Nonet ~ a poem of nine lines and a syllable pattern of 9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1, with rhyme optional



I have known waves
felt them
seen them
their heat parching my throat,
shimmering on a desert horizon

I have known waves
felt them
seen them
washing over me as I surface
above a tropical reef

I have known waves
felt them
seen them
your body close to mine
your mere presence the source

Of the waves I have known,
these, as they lift me
consume me,
are like water in the desert,
always most welcome to me

The WordPress Daily Post prompt is water.

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Our children scatter like
leaves on the wind

We are the roots they seek
when those winds
carry more than their
hopes and dreams

Must we always stay
oblivious to our own winds?

Can we not follow those winds
with our own hopes and dreams,
our children our terra firma
when needed?

The Daily Post/Daily Prompt  for today is sacrifice.