Tiny House ~ American Sentence

A tiny house is only as small as the minds that are within it.

Our travels continue and will take us through Labor Day. Ten days ago, we were in Philadelphia and had the pleasure of spending an afternoon at the historic Valley Green Inn with Claudia McGill and Merril Smith. The tiny house that is pictured is a wonderful gift that I received from Claudia.

This American sentence is shared with Open Link Night #322 – Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

The American Sentence was created by Allen Ginsberg
~ loose American form of haiku, with 17 syllables
~ represented as a sentence
~ reference to a season is not required
~ similar to senryū
~ read more here & here

Worth scaling any height ~ American Sentence

Worth scaling any height, comfort found in kinship is no small matter.

A threefold trio of tiny people arrived today, from good friend and artist Claudia McGill, and Rose couldn’t be happier. It’s hard to believe that Rose has been with me for three years. I know she appreciates having some friends from her home world. Claudia is such a creative artist, and it’s an honor to have her tiny people in our home. Thank you, Claudia.

All the Wrong Reasons

All the Wrong Reasons

All the Wrong ReasonsWalking along the trail
or across it
stopping occasionally
to eat, or at least gnaw.
Not a care in the world
except survival.

Annoyed by the hiker
stopping to stare
at a vine, or lichen
or that majestic oak
for all the wrong reasons.
Sure it’s majestic
but for pictures?

Everyone knows
it’s the nuts the tree drops.
The hiker moves on
as the squirrel reappears
picking up an acorn
lying on the trail.

I’ve long enjoyed reading Claudia McGill’s poetry, and decided to write this in one of her styles. Here are some examples from Claudia –
                    Revealed Too Much
                    Cross Roads
                    Carrying On Like This


fish in child’s hair ~ ekphrastic poem

Claudia McGill’s Miniscule Illustrations: Transformation includes her pen and brush illustration and says:

This story is my favorite one in the Minuscule book, and when I was very young, almost 60 years ago, a tiny silver fish did swim into my hair on my first visit to the ocean – I was not quite five years old. I clearly remember the incident and the memory is a cherished one for me – almost a magical happening.

Her illustration inspired this poem, which I’ve layered into her art.

fish in child’s hair
planting seed of desire
to be a swimmer

More Than Lip Service – video poem

This may be a first for me – an ekphrastic video poem. I’m not sure if it’s a complete work, or if it’s just a work-in-progress. It’s inspired by a clay sculpture by Claudia McGill (who also writes poetry).  I’ve been wanting to write something around the piece for the past few weeks. Looking at it this morning, I just let the shape and patterns take me where they would, and I put together the video this afternoon.
(Thank you, Claudia.)

More Than Lip Service

Never just black and white,
there are many sides to the blues.

What is a door that opens, if you don’t enter it?
Or a rose, without water?

Enter, and I will water your rose,
scale any height to stay by your side.

This is more than lip service,
the many facets coming to you in turns.

What I reveal is already there
for the knowing.