As If We Could Change

As If We Could Change

But then we certainly try, don’t we?
Could it be we feed on acceptance?
Do we spend our time seeking approval,
each precious second spent in denial of a
fate that certainly awaits us, while
gainsaying the change we desire?

In Meet the Bar at dVerse, — School Days, School Days, Good Old Golden Rule Days — Lillian prompts us to write an Alphabet Sestet, a poem of six lines using consecutive letters of the alphabet to start each line.

Negotiating Caverns

This morning, I replied to Sue Vincent’s latest photo prompt with the first thing that came to mind, Out of the Shadows. After posting, I thought about conversations I’ve had with one of my favorite poets here, Robert Okaji, who has given me valuable advice on writing poetry. I admire his ability to illustrate, while still maintaining an economy in his words. I’ve tried to accomplish that here. I’m sure I’ll be returning to this, but, so far, I think this poem can stand on its own. Just in case, here is the photo from Sue’s prompt.

Out of the Shadows

Negotiating Caverns

We cling to
what we know,
seeing, yet wondering at
what could be.

Bathed in light for
seconds of an eon-life,
stalactites reach to connect.