Questions for a Silhouette – #writephoto

Questions for a Silhouette

Questions for a Silhouette

Do the answers to life’s
imperceptible fade
lie in your eyes?

Tell me, if you know.
On the edge of this coming
darkness, will we be reunited?

I know the night is
unending, but their presence
would be a comfort.

And those left behind
in the light, will I see them
in their darkness?

Do you know?

This is my response to Thursday Photo Prompt – Crow #writephoto, by Sue Vincent at Daily Echo, with her photo.




There’s no denying your exuberance.
It may have been twenty hours after the celebration,
but you did sleep in, and there you were
giving your shout-out to the world
just after rising. You may be blue
by the end of the month,
but you sure greeted
the new year with a smile.

For Jeff Schwaner’s January 1, 9:24 PM (Wolf Moon) [#fullmoonsocial]

The full moon at 8:24pm CT on January 1st was the second consecutive super moon, with a third coming on January 31st, making it a blue moon.  Photo taken 9:48pm.