Distance Holds No Separation ~ Puente

Distance Holds No Separation

Distance Holds No SeparationI cross this wide river
every time I come to you.
And again, when I leave.
There is no other way,

~for distance holds no separation~

when I follow this course,
past and present become one.
I find consolation in that,
every time I cross this bridge.

A Puente, this poem is my response to Poetics: Build a Bridge, the prompt from Merril at dVerse ~ Poets Pub. The first and third stanzas of a puente convey a different element or feeling, but they have an equal number of lines, with that number being the writer’s choice. The one-line middle stanza, set off with a tilde (~) at each end, is the puente (Spanish for bridge). It functions as the ending for the last line of the first stanza AND as the beginning for the first line of the third stanza. Rhyme is optional.

Since moving to Missouri, I’ve made the trip back to New York to visit family many times. Being retired, I pretty much have an open calendar. My wife does not, so many times I’ve driven the round-trip solo. Each time, I cross the Mississippi River. The Stan Span (Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge), named after St. Louis Cardinal baseball great Stan Musial, is on Interstate 70, one of the routes out of St. Louis.


~ Day 27 ~

Base Senses

Base Senses_a

texture undesirable
far removed from
our senses
desired only as
meaningless below
and shadowed by
overhead arch
stone, steel
reaching from




spanning those
base senses
and their textures
to achieve an ideal

Base Senses


This is my response to Jane Dougherty’s Poetry Challenge #13: Bridges

Image source – Pont de Pierre, over the Garonne River, Bordeaux, France, from Jane Dougherty and the bridge at Niagara Falls State Park, Niagara Falls, New York