The More They Stay the Same ~ quadrille

The More They Stay the Same

Centuries of segregation
Legalized discrimination
Human rights violations

Racial inequality
Standard public policy

Finally recognized
Civil rights realized

As the decades slip away
Generations feel betrayed

Living still with bigotry
And police brutality

Dressed up in the guise of justice
Citizens deprived of justice

This is my response to Quadrille #105: Cry Havoc and Let SLIP the Dogs of War
the prompt from Linda at dVersePoets Pub, which is to use the word slip
in a 44-word poem, with no required meter or rhyme.

This started as a simple, spare poem that I decided could be a quadrille:

A year slips away

A decade

A generation


Bigotry and hatred

In the guise of justice
Belying justice


Image: screenshot of George Floyd dying as he’s choked by Derek Chauvin (25 May 2020)