Drunken Sleep (visiting Tu Mu)

Seeing Robert Okaji’s Thinking of Li Po at Sky’s End reminded me that I’ve had this Chinese interpretation (key word: interpretation!) in my draft folder for a few months. I decided I probably should post it while the calendar says it’s (technically) still autumn – although the snow here would say otherwise.

Drunken Sleep (visiting Tu Mu)

This wine is fit for an autumn rain
in the cold, as leaves fall around the house.
There is no need to go out, only to sleep.
Time for one more cup when this one is empty.

Literal translations of classic Chinese poetry can be found at chinese-poems.com. This is my interpretation of a poem by Tu Mu. The literal translation, as provided at chinese-poems.com, is as follows:

Drunken Sleep

Autumn wine rain in well made
Cold house fall leaf in
Hermit really much asleep
More pour one cup empty

Image source: Harvard Art Museums – Night Rain at Karasaki, by Utagawa Hiroshige

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