Beauty, on End

Beauty, on End_c

Trees have fallen into the stream
A resting place where turtles teem
Ignoring all, or so it seems
No time to dream, no time to dream!

Kingfisher flies from tree to tree
Always heading away from me
Dives in the water suddenly
No fish can flee, no fish can flee!

Heron that stands so tall and free
Watches the water patiently
For glints of silver it may see
Strikes suddenly, strikes suddenly

With beauty that I can’t ignore
Appears a sight not seen before
There swims a mink so quick and sure
From shore to shore, from shore to shore

The beauty never seems to end
Along the stream, around the bends
No matter where the river wends
It never ends, it never ends

Beauty, on End_d

This is my reply to Jane Dougherty’s Poetry Challenge #22: Monotetra.
Monotetra ~ poetry with stanzas of four lines, having eight syllables and four beats per line; line end-words within each stanza rhyme and the first four syllables in the fourth line of each stanza repeat.