a palpable absence ~ hay(na)ku

a palpable absence

finding nearly empty shelves inside
a store with a clerk outside
counting customers as they enter
to find themselves nearly alone, leaving
half-satisfied to pass empty buildings,
cars less frequent than the few pedestrians,
to arrive home, present in my absence

Today is Day 10 of National/Global Poetry Writing Month, and the prompt for
The Perfect Seven Lines, from Frank at dVerse Poets Pub
is simply to write a seven-line poem.

The prompt for napowrimo.net is to write a hay(na)ku – a variant on the haiku,
with a three-line stanza of one, two, and three words, sometimes chained
to create a longer poem – so I have edited this to create a hay(na)ku.

a palpable absence

counting customers
entering the store

to find
I’m almost alone

on finding
nearly empty shelves

to drive home

empty buildings
on empty streets

arriving home
present in absence

Image source: artoflivingguide.org