Night Wind ~ gogyohka

Night Wind

The unmistakable voices of the trees
calling out to the hidden moon,
seeking the caress of its light,
the end of their unease.
A midnight susseration.

This gogyohka is inspired by Merril Smith’s gogyohka, Night Wind.
Please read her original here.

Image: full moon, 22 December 2018
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On the Breath of Morning

On the Breath of Morning.jpg

On the Breath of Morning

Like waking to
the voice of love
on the breath of morning,
the magic of an embrace
lingers long after parting.

This poem also works as a gogyohka (a five-line short verse form of Japanese poetry) for Carpe Diem Weekend Meditation #45 Gogyohka.

If you want to try magnetic poetry, you can do it online, here.

Background image
The Carnahan Memorial Garden at the Governor’s Mansion
Jefferson City, Missouri


Considering the grief of others

the grief of others
is one small step
on the path to

Considering the grief of others.png

can be elusive,
even when freely offered.
is a matter for the soul.

Joy is never
an alternative,
until recognized
as a state of being
with hidden aspects.

Only with understanding
and regard for
the inner turmoil
of another
is true empathy possible.

This quartet of poems is my first attempt at writing gogyohka, as my response to Carpe Diem Weekend Meditation #45 Gogyohka.
Gogyohka (pronounced go-gee-yoh-kuh) is *5-line poetry, similar to tanka but with no fixed syllable count and no conventions regarding content. Here is a link discussing gogyohka.

*Image size when I first posted this forced “understanding” in the last gogyohka/stanza into an extra line. I’ve corrected that.

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