Our Minds the Wick ~ found poem

Our Minds the Wick

Words the moth.
Fleeting, wings beating.
Feeding the light.

Infinity could not contain
the many paths
crossing where they will,
yet always moving on
from the intersections.

In us, around us,
rising and falling,
like accepting starlight
in search of consolation.

There is no simple formula
or parametric equation
for the birth of a poem.
Words to keyboard or pen,
prompted or not,
open my eyes to thoughts
waiting to be heard.

Poet to poet,
thoughts easily aligned.
A sharing or harvesting,
enfolding memories
that are not quite dreams.

Thankfulness in the waning moments
of inspiration for words gathered well.

This found poem is sourced from comments or replies I’ve made to various poets on WordPress. Those poets are David @ ben Alexander, Kerfe Roig, Merril Smith, Kim Russell, Barbara Leonhard, calmkate, Lisa @ Tao Talk, and Paul Vincent Cannon. Thank you to all of them for their inspiration.

I am sharing this with Open Link #280 – LIVE! at dVerse ~ Poets Pub.

The Fortune Cookie

The Fortune Cookie

Describe a donut and fool the people
They’re paid to be upset
Throw them in the snake pit

Go play on the freeway and
Take your damned meatloaf with you
We’ll get a court order and force you

Break a leg tampering with a horse
Drag yourself another twenty feet, and
It comes out a pretzel

An honest man knows he’s lying
It proves nothing
Does this ring a bell?

Day Thirteen of  2016 NaPoWriMo.
The Day Thirteen prompt from napowrimo.net for 2016 NaPoWriMo is to write a poem inspired by fortune cookies, as in using phrases from fortune cookies.  My found poem is a twist on the prompt.  I’ve used quotes from the movie The Fortune Cookie (found at imdb.com), although I’ve played a little loosely with those quotes.

Image source: imdb.com


There’s a Poem in This

Rather than looking to outside sources (The Day 10 prompt from napowrimo.net suggested book titles from our bookshelves), I have gone inward (of sorts) for my first attempt at found poetry.  Accessing comments made on my poetry in the last year through the WordPress Dashboard, I have selected some of my own comments and added a few recent comments I have made on the blogs of other poets.  I was surprised that I was able to compose more than one or two “cohesive” stanzas.


There's a Poem in This

There’s a Poem in This

if all is to be known
tomorrow already was
we are voices waiting to be heard
present in absence

with a fair dose of humility
at the end of our thousand year journey
mindful of not standing too close to the flames
we have a voice for this

the significance of each moment
a diversion from the surrounding chaos
leaving images imagined
a lovely tale to tell a child

our roots are in places we least imagine
the current flowing through each of us
sometimes there is no twist
some things just write themselves