Just a Memory ~ haibun

Just a Memory

We often treasure what is hardest to obtain, or retain. So it is for me with memories. They say that every time we remember something the details of that memory are altered. If only that were the case for me. Details are the first to go, so altering them is an entirely different matter. If I have to re-enter a room to remember why I entered it to begin with, what are the chances that I will remember specific details, whether from distant or recent past?

Consider a recent conversation I had with two people. I might recall part of the conversation, but I’m just as likely to credit a statement to the wrong person.

And a specific event? I might be able to visualize it, but there is no guarantee that I will remember anything other than a snapshot. It’s always been this way for me, compounded now in my later years. At least, that’s the way I remember it.

leaf falls and is gone
tree waits for return of spring
just a memory

This is my response to Haibun Monday 5-22-23: Memory,
the prompt from Frank Tassone at dVerse ~ Poets Pub.

13 thoughts on “Just a Memory ~ haibun

  1. And when somebody tells you what went down, and you remember most of it, in somewhat different details unfolding in similar but perhaps not exactly the same order…

    yeah, I’ve been there too; way more often than not. Great stuff with a wicked-good haiku closer, KG. Thanks

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  2. Perhaps, like the tree who loses its leaves as a matter of course each season, it’s less painful not to attach to the loss of each one. It seems like it could be both a blessing and a curse.

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  3. Seldom do, I remember memories accurately, but this particular one is so deep rooted for a number of reasons that I remember it frequently. Even share it with my surviving children times.


  4. I’m the same way. Both my mother and her sister had Alzheimer’s but whenever I worry about it because my memory is hazy, my daughters remind me that I’ve always been like that. You’ve described the feeling so well. (K)


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