Post Na/GloPoWriMo 2023

National/Global Poetry Writing Month is now over, and I met 10 of the prompts from Maureen Thorsen at, plus the warm-up prompt on 31 March. I posted a total of 31 poems in April, including 2 with audio. I responded to various other prompts, including those from Ronovan Writes (Weekly Haiku & Weekly Sijo Challenges), The Sunday Whirl, Misky’s The Twiglet (here, here, here, & here), and dVerse ~ Poets Pub.

My responses were in various forms, one of which – a sonnet – is among my least favorite to write. All are listed here:

1 palinode (in free verse)
3 ekphrastic poems (in free verse)
21 free verse (in total)
1 sea shanty
1 gogyohka
11 senryū (including 8 in 2 sequences of 4)
1 magnetic poem (one of the senryū)
1 tanka
1 American Sentence
1 sijo
1 sonnet


In addition to these poems, I kept busy during National/Global Poetry Month. I participated in several Zoom open mic events and viewed a Zoom event with three authors that included Lynne Burnette. I participated in three live open mic sessions, one at Gumbo Bottoms Ale House in Jefferson City, Missouri, one at Barb’s Books in Belle, Missouri, and one at Daniel Boone Regional Library in Columbia, Missouri. I was the featured reader at a poetry open mic at Savannah’s Coffee Corral in Pevely, Missouri. Also, I had poetry published in two anthologies – six poems in Reflections and Revelations, from Editor Susi Bocks, and three poems in Wolf at the Door, Nobody Home, from The Gasconade Press. I received notification that three of my poems are forthcoming in a “Well Versed” anthology from Columbia Writer’s Guild (Columbia, Missouri).

This year seemed harder for me than in the past. Thirty-one is close to the fewest poems I have written in the ten years I have responded to this challenge (thirty in 2015). This may be due to my busy month, or it may be this sign of my commitment to meet this annual challenge: Including the five poems I wrote about writer’s block there were a total of eleven poems that did not meet a prompt and that I might otherwise have saved for submission elsewhere.

It was National Poetry Writing Month that inspired me to start this blog in 2014, and I have participated and completed the challenge each April since then. I always enjoy reading the many wonderful prompt responses from other poets at, where I’ve been introduced to many of the poets that I follow on WordPress. I look forward to next year’s challenge. Thank you to all who read my poetry this past month and especially to all who commented.

Ken Gierke


11 thoughts on “Post Na/GloPoWriMo 2023

  1. I agree, Ken, this year felt more difficult for me, and this April had the lowest readership than before my first year of joining the NaPoWriMo Challenge. I don’t know why it was different, but I’m glad we got through it.


  2. Good job, Ken! And congratulations on your readings and publications!

    It is hard to balance writing for prompts and posting them with writing for publication. I’m hoping I can do something with some of the 30+ poems I wrote in April.


  3. A busy month!
    This year was hard. I did manage 30 poems though, plus one from the Oracle each Saturday.
    You definitely have the makings of another book. (K)


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