with body language

in dysphoria

what they see
what she sees

their norms
her life

a name
is just the start

gender assigned
through conformity

a line
they will not
let her cross

refusing to
build rapport

rising above
their bias
not a consideration

so much to learn
for those willing
to understand

so much to gain
sevenfold and more
for those willing to risk

a risk for those
willing to live

This is my response to The Sunday Whirl #602, using the words provided.
rising | build | seven | line | risk | gender | granted | willing | name | learn | bodies | dancing

Shared with Day 23 at (off prompt)

8 thoughts on “trans-parency

    • So true, Merril. Missouri would have trans healthcare for all people (including adults) restricted to require psychological therapy and treatment, precluding those with psychiatric symptoms from existing mental health comorbidities. Imagine having depression due to the treatment you receive from others and having it treated as if it’s a chicken-egg situation. Add to that the psychological damage delivered through public and workplace discrimination. I’ve seen the devastating effects of that.

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      • The LGBTQ community has definitely become the “other” for the GOP. It’s much easier for them to make up problems than to solve problems that would help everyone, such as working on infrastructure, healthcare, education (beyond banning stuff), etc.

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