all April’d out


all April’d out

breaking news
absent muse
source of weary poet’s blues

all worn out
filled with doubt
suffering a poem drought

thoughts misfired
still two weeks of rhyme required

hacks away
with wordplay
longing for the first of May

Off prompt for Day Seventeen at
with yet another poem about writer’s block.

Shared with OpenLinkNight LIVE at dVerse ~ Poets Pub.

46 thoughts on “all April’d out

  1. very cute, Ken ~ I can relate!

    BTW, I found a pic of your son online, and I don’t recognize his face, although we were at CWRU at the same time and graduated together. shrugs

    Regardless, Maya Angelou made quite an impression on me during our commencement!


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  2. with yet another poem about writer’s block?
    we are all together on this, Ken
    no one’s having a monopoly on it, doc!
    don’t worry, it’ll come and go as and when.


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  3. LOVE this, Ken. You made me chuckle out loud this morning reading it. For the first time in many years, I’m not doing NAPOWRIMO. And while I’m missing it, I know that with all the pre-planning for this trip we undertake on Monday, I never could have done it every day…and certainly not after Monday when we’ll be flying off to London.
    Hoping you’ll stop by again today (Saturday) at OLN LIVE. It’s always good to see you! I understand Paul from Australia will be joining us as well as Kim from the UK. Always fun to see who pops in!
    May your last days of NAPOWRIMO go smoothly! 🙂

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