Driving Off, Minor

Driving Off, Minor

Monk spars with Coltrane,
weaves around and through him,
rolling along together amid lightning strikes
that illuminate the dark sky,
and mist rises from the road’s surface
in this dusk of midafternoon on a gray April day
with light rain that is reflected, multiplied,
rises to join that mist from the tires of passing cars
before joining the sheen of the road’s surface
in my headlights until the sky before me opens
to reveal a road not so dark and hazards
behind me. Monk’s piano never off, minor
discordance trails off to better roads.


Off prompt for Day 15 at napowrimo.net, this poem is a continuation of my “Driving with” series, poems written while driving and listening to music. This took place today as I drove while listening to “Thelonious Monk with John Coltrane”, a 1961 release that includes the piece “Off Minor.”


15 thoughts on “Driving Off, Minor

  1. Music is medicine that enhances everything, eh?
    This piece has special resonance for me, as I just sat down to read it moments after my turntable finished the B side of my favorite Charlie Parker album.

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