43 thoughts on “for those willing to listen ~ gogyohka

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  2. This is so beautiful, Ken! A fine tribute to Glenn and his poetic voice .. I am certain he is with us in spirit .. and is smiling right now .. knowing that we all miss him. 💙💙

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  3. He wrote such powerful poetry on so many issues of the day. And his delivery on OLN LIVE gave the power to the words…made them come alive sometimes in their scorching satire or raging anger. I so enjoyed reading over his poetry to find the two to post on the dVerse home page today….so much there that lives on in his blog. Thank you for this tribute, Ken.

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  5. Beautiful Ken. Glenn was a special force unto himself — strong, raw yet refined, unfiltered, real, and wholly irreplaceable. I truly feel the chasm he has left. Certainly I, and I believe dVerse as well, sorely need his view of the world, if we’re to ever be the quite the same again.

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