My Interview on Tea Toast & Trivia

I recently had a conversation with Rebecca Budd about various forms of poetry and inspiration. “Season 5 Episode 6: Ken Gierke on A Poet’s Voice” can be found here, where you can listen to the interview, along with some of my poetry.

Thank you for this opportunity, Rebecca.

Ken G.

39 thoughts on “My Interview on Tea Toast & Trivia

  1. Thank you, Ken, for an extraordinary conversation. Your profound insights on living boldly, aging, loss, celebration and renewal speak to my soul. I look forward to our ongoing connection. My gratitude goes to Colleen Chesebro for introducing me to your poetry. I just received “Glass Awash” on my doorstep and have been exploring your poetry collection. I want to share the poem that I began my day. It is on page 18 and is entitled “My Road Not Taken”

    each path a conundrum
    Intersections unmarked
    each fork a temptation

    blind corners
    dead ends hidden
    in an unmapped maze
    with no view of the horizon

    all the hallmarks of Fate

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  2. You have a wonderful reading voice, Ken! I enjoyed your interview – I’m really impressed with how much you know about all those forms of poetry and how consistent and prolific you are in your writing!

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  3. That’s wonderful! I too have been “away” from my blog for awhile as I’m in Mexico until mid-April – I’ll have lots of catching up to do. Maybe I’ll even get it together to get another collection organized, like you!🤞

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  4. This interview resonates with me on so many levels. She did a great job highlighting your experience and words. I liked how you explained the forms. I tried to respond on her site, but I couldn’t get my comment to publish.


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