Gentle Breeze

Gentle Breeze

In snowfall,
chipmunks nest,
await next snowfall,
wait to revive
chipmunks on the run
to see those walls melt.

Despite the celebration,
feel the gentle breeze
of forlorn memories
of your own loss,
thoughts of home.
Find comfort in its presence
in a final farewell.

MTB: In my end is my beginning, the prompt from Laura Bloomsbury at dVerse ~ Poets Pub was a frustrating one for me. Laura asks that we write a poem using the final line from each of our last 12 (or more) most recent poems (in any order). Each line must remain intact, with the only additions being preposition, conjunction, or change of tense to facilitate flow. And yes, frustrating, because 9 of my last 13 poems were haiku or haibun, pretty much a limiting factor.

45 thoughts on “Gentle Breeze

  1. I like the connection of “home” and nesting that tie the two stanzas together. Made me think of the little guy, “Chippy” living under my porch. A tough challenge to work with terse haiku lines but you rocked it.

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