The Color of Night

The Color of Night

Who is to say what is
the color of night?
The moon will rise,
a hidden face revealing
nothing, yet all we need
to know is still before us.

Given time, it will return
what is cast upon it,
whether brilliance or shadow.
Make of that what you will,
but whatever the light,
find comfort in its presence.

This is my response to A Razzie or Two, the prompt from Lillian at dVerse ~ Poets Pub, which is to use a movie title from a list of movies that have β€œwon” a Golden Raspberry Award (Razzie) for the worst movie of the year. I have chosen Color of Night (1994).

~ the full moon (Beaver Moon) at 10:09pm, 07 Nov 2022
~ full lunar eclipse (Beaver Blood Moon) at 5:03am, 08 Nov 2022
~ click on each for larger view in new tab ~

27 thoughts on “The Color of Night

  1. Love this! I find it contemplative and restful. And oh my yes, I always find comfort in the moon…even when it’s just a sliver. Did you take the photos?
    I do hope you’ll answer the survey in an email….just trying to see how we can include the most folks who would like to join in! It may be we’d offer it one month on Thursdays from 3 to 4 and then a differnt time the next month…IE alternate. Of course, we’d let folks know. Thoughts on that?

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  2. This is beautiful, Ken.
    “whatever the light,
    find comfort in its presence.” πŸ’™

    Wonderful photos, too! I walked out to see it yesterday morning, but I couldn’t see it too well and then it was behind the trees.

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