Mindless Direction ~ ekphrastric poetry

Mindless Direction

There was no order,
only madness.
Windows became doors,
doors became less.

A house divided,
claimed by a mass
that claimed to represent
the masses, became a shell.

No murmuration, this.
An uproar, a swarm
flocked to relight
a star totally eclipsed.

Their order a chaos,
disjointed, disorganized
yet contrived as rebellion,
brought only more darkness.

Disarray their purpose,
they took to flight,
dispersed, scattered,
their damage done.

murmuration – the flocking behavior of starlings
United States Capitol Attack – January 6, 2021

This poem is my response to The strange houses of Lee Madgwick, the prompt from Sarah at dVerse ~ Poets Pub, which is to find inspiration in one of four surreal images of various structures. I chose “The Murmuration at No. 57.” More of the art of Lee Madgwick can be found here.

28 thoughts on “Mindless Direction ~ ekphrastric poetry

  1. “A house divided,
    claimed by a mass
    that claimed to represent
    the masses, became a shell.”

    This sounds very much like the state of American politics. A house is divided, and neither side really listens to the people. However, the Lunatic Fringe side whose members went on a little “tour” of the Capitol is more directly worrisome than the out-of-touch lot on the left.

    ~Ornery Owl~

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  2. So clever, Ken, to take this surrealist image and use it as a metaphor for the Jan. 6 insurrection. Plus, you got in Lincoln’s house divided! Well done!
    Our current world is surrealistic, too, as so many believe what is not true.

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