Missed, in Any Weather ~ memoir poetry ~ with audio

Missed, in Any Weather

The farthest thing from my mind
when I’m chipping away
at the frozen layer on my driveway
on a chilly, mid-Missouri February morning
that, as usual, has as much rain as snow
is to wish for more of the same.
But here I am on a ninety-six degree day
in August crossing a Target parking lot
as I wade through heat waves
rising from the asphalt that remind me
of that Vegas hospital parking lot
in early June of ’93 after visiting Dad
and thinking he’d be flying home soon –
we know how that worked out –
wishing I could have one of those
ice-crusted snow days. Or better yet,
just one more minute working beside Dad
at Overland Express back in Buffalo
in the ’70s with the snow blowing
between the trailers and across the dock,
his face just as red from the cold
as it would get if he were here with me
on this hot, August Missouri day.

This is my response to Twiglet 290: ice-crusted snow.

As it happens this also meets the challenge for Poetics: Sometimes August isn’t recognized, the prompt from Sanaa at dVerse ~ Poets Pub.

40 thoughts on “Missed, in Any Weather ~ memoir poetry ~ with audio

  1. The poem is moving and wonderful. I like the contrasts in seasons and sensations of the cold with the hot days. The weather reflects the emotions, and I can feel the ice and the heat. You don’t say directly what happened, and I think that’s good. The line “- we know how that worked out -“ speaks volumes. I can clearly picture you in each scene as the memories shift from one scene to another. Grief stays with us in each season. We never forget. Really good poem.

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  2. This is incredibly moving, Ken. I love how you transition from February to August and share glimpses with us. The emotions here are so palpable. Thank you so much for writing to the prompt ❤❤

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  3. You have woven this one together so well, Ken. Missed in any month of the year and in any weather is a great way to describe your feelings for your dad! Such great contrasts that really work in your poem. Well done!

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